Tuesday, February 3, 2009

From the forthcoming How the Crimes Happened. This, in a nutshell, is how they happened.

Radio Song

            Dawn Potter

Clumsy bones, sweet stumbled heart,

            wail your crack-brained tears,

                        hunt me in the dark,


shake me blue, crush me in your wire fingers,

kiss my jagged mouth,

open me wide,


shove heartbreak through my hundred

            stubborn veins, play me for a fool, I’m so,

                        I’m so


unsatisfied, oh clutch my throat,

cry for me, over and over,

            I bite fingers, I lick salt.

[first published in the Cafe Review]

Dinner tonight: pork chops, shiitake mushrooms, pilaf, salad; and please, please, no sick children.


emma said...


Dawn Potter said...

Thank you, Emma. I've been thinking about you lately, wondering if you've been reading any more Swift. . . .